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On this page you will find articles about breeding, use and regulations in the different countries where the beautiful Fjord Horse lives.

The horse has been used in health care work for a several hundred years,

but what is it with the horse that makes us humans to function better both physically and mentally ?


This is a serie articles in two parts by Ingvild Rydjord Hansen, March 2021 - Translation by Arne Presthus

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part II web


The Norwegian Fjordhorse Association (Norges fjordhestlag) is happy to announce further information regarding the upcoming stallion show in 2021.

Importantly, the stallion show will be arranged in line with current Corona restrictions, as well as taking into consideration the most important guidelines of the breeding plan. Therefore, the upcoming stallion show will be a simplified version of a stallion show, and it is scheduled on 3 to 8 May 2021.
Unfortunately, the stallion show will be arranged without spectators, and only owners and technical personnel is allowed to enter the arena of the show. This means that each stallion is allowed to be followed by two persons. Nevertheless, it is vital that a stallion show is arranged and it is therefore positive that it can be done in a simplified version. There will be arranged different user tests (including riding test and harness/carriage driving), as well as showing of the stallions loose in the indoors arena and shown in hand outdoors.

The Norwegian Fjordhorse Association has sought to combine the vital elements of the breeding plan, animal welfare as well as the Corona situation. The schedule that was announced earlier, is still valid for those who are planning to participate in the stallion show.

The stallions are divided into groups of maximum eight horses, and they will meet at given times and travel back home on the same day. Apart from the one collective showing of the horses, all other activities will be implemented singularly with each stallion. The collective show will be arranged outdoors.
The Norwegian Fjordhorse Association will ensure sufficient security measures to ensure that corona regulations are upheld.

The price ceremony will be arranged digitally on 8 May 2021.

The stallion show is planned to be streamed online, and more information on how to participate will be given at a later stage. If you would like to donate to the streaming of the show, please visit https://www.spleis.no/project/168904


The board of FjHI is very happy to welcome the "Fjord Horse Studbook and Society of New Zealand (Inc)" as a new member.
Our warmest welcome in the International Fjord Horse Family !!

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The FjHI wishes The Official Register of Norwegian Fjord Horses in New Zealand a lot of success and a very good development !

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