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The world as we know has changed, due to the Covid-19 virus. A lot of things are closing down, and on Monday the 6th of April the Danish Prime Minister announced that all larger arrangements to the end of August 2020 (and maybe longer) are to be cancelled. Our borders are also closed, and at this time, we do not know when they will open again.

This will impact the EC this year, as we need to cancel the arrangement. This is off course a great disappoint for us, but it is necessary in this critical situation the world is in right now.

Dinna Mouritzen/Chairman of Fjord Horse Denmark

Licensing of stallions 2020

by Ingvild Rydjord Hansen, translated by Jenny Wright Johnsen

Due to the corona situation it has been clear for some time that we cannot hold the stallion show at Eid like we normally do. The board and the breeding committee of NFL has made a decision on how to get the young stallions breeding, and to facilitate for a good breeding season.
At the end of March it was decided that stallions in class 1A and 2A automatically gets a license to 2021. Stallions of class 1B will not be judged this year but are welcome back next year.
Due to the importance of bringing young, new stallions into the breeding we have looked at a solution for stallions in class 2B (not licensed 4-5 years) and class 3 (3-year olds) to get a judge- and veterinary assesment. Both regional gatherings and judging of stallions at home have been options we have considered. NFL has been in close contact with Norsk Hestesenter (NHS) and the regional authorities about this way of running the licensing, but because of the situation concerning the corona virus this is not possible.
The board and breeding committee of NFL has decided to give license to all stallions signed in for class 2B and 3, unless they have been shown previously on Eid with the The stallions licensed this year will be asked to meet in class 2B next year for ordinary licensing.
The data we have on the stallions are very different and it would be unfair to look at previous results to judge them. The board of NFL has thus decided to grant all the license, to be fair.
Before the stallions gets the license, they must send information to NFL. All stallions must undergo a veterinary check of a local veterinary, measuring them, checking for white markings and defects, referred to the breeding plan. Nils Ivar Dolvik and vet Torbjørn Nes Hjelle will run the dialog with the vets that are doing the check on the stallions. They will also go through the schemes and make an assessment about whether the stallions fulfill the health standards referring to the breeding plan.
In addition to the vet check the stallions must be shown on video driving with a cart, a video showing the stallions standing, walking and trotting. Each video must last at least 30 seconds. In addition, a photo of the stallions must be sent in. This is for the mare owners to see in the stallion catalogue.
The licensed stallions get a quota of mares. It is 5 mares per stallions, and stallions rented or bought by local fjord horse associations gets a quota of 20 mares. The different quotas are due to the importance of a healthy financial situation for the local fjord horse associations, and we know that keeping a stallion is a major and important part of the local activity.
NFL are proud of the knowledge and skills of the breeders, showers and local associations around Norway. In such a strange year we must rely on the knowledge and wisdom of the local fjord horse people and hope that the local associations will choose the best stallions and the breeders to make the best mating combinations.
We would like for the mare owners to cover their mare this year. With the world affected by corona we can still keep together and find joy in breeding and keeping a fjord horse.
The board of Norges Fjordhestlag

Norges Fjordhestlag posted a statement about the corona-situation:

Stallion show at Nordfjordeid 2020

To prevent the corona virus from spreading further, serious measures are taken on a national and local level. Due to this it is most likely that the stallion show in Eid this year will not be like it normally is. Norges Fjordhestlag is working with Norsk Hestesenter, Norsk Fjordhestsenter, Nordfjord Fjordhestlag and the authorities to find alternative solutions to carry through a licencing of the stallions for the breeding season 2020.

It is crucial to avoid events that gather people. A stallion show involves many people in a small area.

Norges Fjordhestlag does not yet know how things will turn out for the practicalities concerning the show. Thus, they kindly request people to be patient and understanding until the situation is clearer. NFL asks for owners of the stallions to sign the horses in like normal to get an overview of the numbers of horses planned for licensing.

More information will follow as soon as possible.

Posted by the Board of NFL, Friday 13th March 2020


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