Fjord Horse International's mission is to host an international forum of member countries around the world


On this page you will find articles about breeding, use and regulations in the different countries where the beautiful Fjord Horse lives.

The Official Handbook for Fjord Horse Judges 

The History of the Breed 
The History of Norwegian Fjord Horse Breeding 
The Breeding Goal 
The Description of the Fjord Horse 
The Colours of the Fjord Horse and the Primitive Markings
Terminology : the Hoof and The skeleton 
Terminology : the Main Parts of the Body  
Terminology : List of Horse Terms in the Common Languages  
Terminology : Correct and Incorrect Leg Positions 
Evaluation Process : Ethic Principles 
Evaluation Process : Organizational and Technical Exhibition Rules
Evaluation Process : International Judging
Evaluation Process : Introduction to the Judging Cards
Evaluation Process : the Mark Scale
Evaluation Process : Judging Card 10 figure system
Evaluation Process : Judging Card 5 figure system
Evaluation Process : Preliminary Remarks to the Veterinary Check Card
Evaluation Process : the Veterinary Check Card
Scientific Information : Genetics of Colour
Scientific Information : Sources and Literature
Statistics : Active stallions and active brood mares in the countries 
Statistics : Division of Colours of Fjordhorses in evaluations/shows
Introduction to the Judging System
Appendix : List of the Contents of the Figures
The signing Fjord Horse Organizations

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handbook 05

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