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On this page you will find articles about breeding, use and regulations in the different countries where the beautiful Fjord Horse lives.

Skype meeting 4th December 2019  8.30 PM - written by Jenny Johnsen

Present: Jan, Jochen, Maureen, Leif, Jenny

1) Webpage: There is virus on our webpage and we need to find out how to handle it. Berit Bergset, our webpage maintainer, asks us: Do we keep the website or close it down, do we have only a facebook-page, or do we rebuild a new website? She recommends to find someone with more capacity and knowledge to run the site as she claims she is no longer up to date technically.
We agree to look for a suitable person in our home country to rebuild and maintain the webpage, as we think we need the webpage (not just a Facebook-page). Answer within 15th of January.

2) The red book: We are out of copies of the red book. We talked briefly about maybe adding or editing it, but everyone thinks the book is good as it is and it would be a huge job to edit it as it is the work of many countries together. We leave the book as it is and ask for the Fjord horse countries to use it. We do not wish to make more copies due to the cost. The book should be available online, so everyone can make their own copy. There can be national information added to each country as they like. Jenny will talk to Michelle about making it all available online.

3) The General Assembly in Eid: Jenny proposes a draft and sends it to you all to comment. Jenny will talk to Asle about the accounting.

4) International register for fjord horses: No news here sadly. More information will follow.

5) EC2020: We have come to an agreement about the statutes. Jenny follows this with the ladies of the Danish Sports Committee, as they had quite a few questions. We had a meeting on the 3rd of December, you will have the minutes sent to you.

6) We need detailed minutes from the meeting in Brussels. Jenny will send out a starter and everyone who was there can add.

7) Next meeting: Wednesday 15th January Skype 20.30

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