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 Skype meeting 23rd Oct 2019 - 8 PM - Written by Jenny Johnsen

Present : Jan, Leif, Jochen, Maureen, Jenny

1) Jan referred from the judge conference in Norway. One of the topics were the problems with patella In Norway. This is a big thing in Norway now, and one of the topics for the annual autumn meeting in Norges Fjordhestlag 1th to 3rd of November.
We will hear more about this later. 
The idea about judge conference is for Norway to invite judges from other countries. Not all the same year, but over the years to cover all the countries.

2) Work on EC 2020 : Jan will put together the answers and make a resume. Ready in week 44.
Denmark is keen to know this in order to plan the work ahead.

3) International Judge conference in Denmark : Jan is suggested to be part of the group. Now there is Susanne, Maureen, Jan, Hege, Asle and Pernille. Jan and Maureen will keep the board posted on the progress.

4) Next meeting 4th December 20.30

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