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(Skype)Videoconference 05/09/2019  -  9 pm to 10 pm

Part. Jenny, Maureen , Leif , Jan and Jochen

1) contact person for EM 2020: Maureen.

2) work on procedures for future Championships: Maureen will:
a) be the contact person for FHI in EM 2020, based on the EC Rules!
b) sent an email to all the FHI members with a questionnaire about the sport tests, especially for the level, which was in 2016 in Denmark in parts of the test much
too high (Jumping and Dressage, Youth and experienced Sportlers) Email must be send out to and ask if they can answer before 19th of Sept. to Leif or Maureen.
We need an international discussion and response and hope that at least every FjHI nation can take part in the EC !
c) Look into the NM en DKM rules about all-round class
d) Adjust a rule for organizing EC in the coming years.

3) request from Spain:
a) according to the statutes, private members are possible. They have to pay a contribution as private member.
b) there is a history in FHI about private members, and some reluctance about it for the future.
c) Jenny will contact this persons in Spain and:
d) explain the possibility to become private member, including – if still interested - sending them the documents .
e) make them the proposition to become member of a FHI member national studbook.

4) International judge conference 
a) Norges Fjordhestlag is willing to organize an international judge conference in Denmark on the 06/08/2020.
i) Maureen will be our depute in the organizing commission. She will sent an email to the FHI studbooks demanding for pictures, questions, problems…..
   It would be good if Denmark is also in the organizing committee.

ii) - We would like that Norway takes the lead in outlining the content of this meeting.
b) Working committee judge con. : Pernilla DK, Maureen NL, Norsk Fjordhestsenter Asle Espe N, Hege Sæther Moen (NFL) N, Susanne Petersen D

5) Varia:
a) DNA testing on heretical diseases:
b) Maureen will sent us a presentation on this issue
c) Jenny will follow this
d) Questionnaire about sperm testing: Maureen will sent the questionnaire about sperm testing again to the FHI studbooks and ask if they can answer before 1st Nov. 2019

Next conference: 30/09/2019 20:30

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