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Board meeting on Skype Wednesday 3. April, 20:30-21:30
Written by Nils Ivar Dolvik

Board members: Nils Ivar Dolvik, Jochen Nösinger, Inger Davidsson. Maureen van Bon was unavailable and Jan Verbeeck had to be left out of technical problems

It was planned a meeting the 25th of February, but that was not held of technical problems with Skype, and the planning of the General Assembly in Nordfjordeid was done with help of mail correspondence.

1. Welcome by Nils Ivar
Nils wished the board members welcome to the last meeting in this group.

2. We discussed the statuses for the General Assembly and found that to be in place. The meeting (GA) will be at the Fjord Horse Center this year, and not at the hotel.

3. We discussed the results from the questionnaire and found that several member countries do not use DNA testing on every foal that is registered.

4. We discussed also the use of the Vet Card from the International Handbook, see homepage FjHI.
The situation is that Norway, Sweden and Germany do not use it. The reason in Germany is: there are no special Fjord stallion licensings. Always licensing over different breeds!
However, Jochen will ask a vet in Germany what sort of card he uses.
Idea: It can be a common task, to standardize, cause of further developments through the last 20 years or so, to work out a common vet card for the Fjord stallion licensing in Norway, Belgium, Netherlands and so on, where a veterinary examination is used.

5. Cause of our Skype problems we should look for alternatives.
Nils has asked colleagues and a system called Free conference call has been used:

6. This was the last meeting before the GA and the last meeting with all the current board members. Therefore, a new meeting was not planned.


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