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Board meeting on Skype on June 11th 2018 - 20:30-21:45

Board members: Nils Ivar Dolvik –– Jochen Nösinger – Inger Davidsson – Jan Verbeeck
Maureen van Bon not able to attend

1. Welcome by Nils Ivar
Nils wished the board members welcome to the meeting and especially Jan Verbeeck who is a new board member after the GA the 2nd of May

2. Jan Verbeeck presented a little about himself, and told he had been in the “Fjord Horse business” since 1996.

3. New Cashier. Asle Espe was asked to be the new cashier after Berit Bergset. This was in accordance with our statutes: “The board is allowed to establish working commissions and ask for extern support, paid or unpaid, to accomplish current tasks”.
The board also discussed here that we need an editor for our web page. An e-mail is sent out to hear if anyone could take the job, and the board will also look for people to fulfil that job. In the meantime, Michelle Delaurier is helping us.
We also need a new webmaster to overlook the technical things.

4. We are working to get the minutes from the GA signed, but that is still not in place

5. Further thoughts what FjHI should work with was discussed. A suggestion from Jan was to make a video or to arrange a gathering for young people to learn about our horse was one point that was discussed. Especially with emphasize on type and movements. Inger reported about comparable ideas in Sweden and would check what it was.
Maureen sent some suggestions to the board since she was not there. She wanted the board work further on with the UELN-numbers and DNA. In addition, that we should work with performance tests that is more equal between countries.
Jan reported that the Belgian P test was just adjusted, Jochen also the German 30 days test.

6. Next board meeting on skype was suggested to be either
Monday the 20th of August or
Wednesday the 22nd of August at 20.30 on Skype as usual.


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