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Skype meeting on february 8th. 20:45-22:15

Written by Nils Ivar Dolvik

Board members: Nils Ivar Dolvik –– Jochen Nösinger – Inger Davidsson – Maureen van Bon - Michelle

1. Welcome by Nils Ivar
Nils wished the board members welcome to the meeting

2. International conference.
The board went through a proposal to conference program at Nordfjordeid. The main topic this year will be the results for the questionnaires concerning the use of UELN-number when registering horses. Further an overview of which member countries that uses DNA to find the right ancestor of the new horses that goes into the stud book, and last a summary of performance tests that are used around. The substitutes that are responsible for gathering this information have to decide who will present it during the conference.

3. General assembly
Then the board agreed on a program for the general assembly 2018 that will take place at Nordfjord hotel the 2nd of May at 17.00. We went through who from the board and substitutes that are on election. We need another member in the board as one will retire after many years; Michelle Delaurier. 

4. Rules for the European Championship for Fjord horses
The board have worked with these rules for several years (5-6 years). Now we have an issue that we want to get approved by the General assembly to be used as the Fjord horse international’s official rules for these events. If there still are corrections to be made we will send it out to all member countries so they can come back to the board with their corrections within a certain delay before the general assembly. The board will decide if such corrections should be taken into consideration or if the board are in doubt these corrections from single countries can also be discussed at the general assembly before the rules will be approved.

5. An extra point from Maureen van Bon concerning new EU regulation for registration of purebred breeding animals was discussed and the board has asked Tore Kvam from the Norwegian Horse Center to come to the international conference and inform how Norway will relate to these regulations. 

6. Divide the work among the board
This was done so that everyone knows what to do before the next meeting that was suggested to take place the 26th of February at 20.30 on Skype as usual.

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