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Written by Nils Ivar Dolvik

Skype Meeting on Monday 4th December 2017 20:30 – 21:45


Board members: Nils Ivar Dolvik –– Jochen Nösinger – Inger Davidsson

Absent: Maureen van Bon and Michelle Delaurier

Substitutes: Susanne Petersen - Jacky Ernwein - Olaf van Leeuwen

Absent: Sabine Muench, Phillip Odden


1. Welcome by Nils Ivar

Nils wished welcome and thanked Jochen for bringing us together on Skype.


2.  Performance test from member countries.

This point was not finished, but Susanne and Jochen had with inputs from Philip made a questionnaire (version 4.12.) We went through, explained and discussed it. Some details are to change (Jochen) There was agreement among the 6 persons attending the meeting that when finished the quest  it will be sent out to member countries for them to fill inn information about their performance testes on Fjord horses.

 3. DNA-testing.

The status here was also that no information was gathered. But also here Jochen and Susanne, with help from Olaf and Jacky had made another questionnaire (30.11.); same procedure as DNA, see above) to send out and gather necessary information how member countries do their ancestor controls if they use DNA-testing or not.

 4. UELN – information from member countries

Jochen and Michelle made a questionnaire to member countries and asked if they used this number when registering horses. Michelle sent it out and have by now got answers from 4 of the FjHI member countries.

All quests should be back at latest 31.01.2018 !

After we had discussed these three issues we found that every board member and substitute should be responsible for getting in place this information from their own countries and then we divided the countries not represented in board or among substitutes amongst our self.

Nils Ivar Dolvik responsible for Norway, United Kingdom and Australia

Jochen Nösinger and Susanne Petersen responsible for Germany

Jochen Nösinger responsible for Hungary

Inger Davidsson responsible for Sweden and Denmark

Maureen van Bon and Olaf van Leeuwen responsible for The Netherlands

Michelle Delaurier responsible for Belgium

Jacky Ernwein responsible for France

Sabine Muench responsible for Switzerland

Phillip Odden responsible for USA and Canada

That means that one have to gather the information or helping the assocoiations to gather it and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and the boardmembers!

The projectgroups then are responsible for evaluation of the results of the collected questionnaires!


5. Discussion what FHI should present to the international community in Mai 2018

As we had a celebration last year we thought that a shorter gathering with lunch and Jochen’s annual presentation of the number of new born horses around the world would be important to have and then also present the results from these three issues so that people will be informed how the situation is among the member countrie concerning these three issues.

6. Ideas and critics.


7. Rules about the European championship.

This issue has taken a lot of time and a group with people from several countries was not able to bring up a new issue and time went on. Then I (Nils Ivar) decided to try to move this European rules further and sent the preliminary rules with comments from Maureen an Petra Ohly who was one of the members in this group over to a clever girl that is active in the Norwegian Fjord horse sport Aina Huseby. We met and talked with her in Eid still 2 years ago.

She came back with a new edition. We decided that the members of this group must go through this last edition. If they can confirm that it is OK we will send it out to member countries as soon as possible so that it can be adopted  on our annual meeting in May 2018.

We think that Maureen as the leader of this group must get the time to read it and discuss it with other members of the group. And give a message back to the board if we can use this edition from Aina or not. 

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