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Written by Nils Ivar Dolvik

Skype Meeting of Wednesday 31st of July 2017 - 20:30 to 22:00

Board members: Nils Ivar Dolvik – Inger Davidsson – Jochen Nösinger – Maureen van Bon
Substitutes: Susanne Petersen – Sabine Muench - Phillip Odden - Jacky Ernwein - Olaf van Leeuwen

1. Welcome by Nils Ivar
Nils whished all welcome and specially all the substitutes that were able to attend the meeting. Thanks to Jochen for bringing us together on Skype.

2. Following points were discussed
a. Performance tests. Susanne and Philip will ask member countries what tests they uses, for stallions, mares and if they have other tests that are in use. Nils is representative from the board.
b. DNA- testing. Olaf and Jacky ask member countries if they use DNA-testing, and for how long. And also if they use 5 generation to have a pure horse registered. Further if they have any restriction on inbreeding or not. Representative from the board is Jochen.
c. UELN – information if these number is in the registration number on the fjord horses, and for how long it have been used and also what happen if an old horse all of a sudden need an UELN number. Procedures in the different countries. Sabine and Olav van Leeuwen board contact Michelle.
d. The Fjord Horse as a therapy and/or leisure companion. Susanne andPhillip will look into this point together with Inger from the board.

3. There was a point for new points and comments, but we agreed that we now had enough to work with.

4. Conclusion: The Skype meeting was good and will be repeated with all the substitutes.

Time limit for the three first three points (a-c) was 1st of November. Until then, the groups must have something written to send out to all in the board including substitutes. Then we will try to have a new meeting the 20th of November.
Nils will inform about the fjord association for children in Norway and send lists of new performance tests to Philip for translation.


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