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Skype Meeting of Wednesday 7th June 2017 - 20:30 to 21:45

Participants: Nils Ivar Dolvik – Inger Davidsson – Jochen Nösinger – Maureen van Bon - Michelle Delaurier

1. Welcome by Nils Ivar
The comments after the Jubilee Celebration in Stryn are positive, people were very pleased, it was a nice afternoon. The real costs on charge of FjHI for the Jubilee afternoon and GA are about 10000 NOK. A letter to thank some involved persons was sent out.

2. European Championship rules
The work group is now complete with Maureen as leader. Nils was sending an email to all the concerned persons. The revision of the rules should be finished before the GA 2018. To start up, Maureen will first send an email to establish the contact and then skype meetings will be organized. The FjHI board members will be informed of the planning. The group will also meet during a week-end, either on occasion of the Danish stallion show (18th to 20th August); either later in Autumn in Germany. The hotel costs for one night will be paid by FjHI.

3. Inbreeding
Nils gives a short presentation of the Norwegian – Swedish work.

4. Discussion what is next for the board and suggestion about distribution of the tasks to the substitutes in contact with a board member

a) Performance tests :
Collect the rules of the different countries to be published on the homepage in additional pages to the handbook.
(Susanne Petersen ; Phillip Odden)

b) DNA and inbreeding :
Collect information of the different countries concerning DNA analysis, who and when it started and if rules are applied for inbreeding.
(Olav van Leeuwen; Jacky Ernwein)

c) UELN :
Collect info of the different countries. Are they using UELN; since how many years; how to communicate the UELN numbers between the countries.
(Susanne Petersen, Sabine Münch, Olav van Leeuwen)

d) Organization of an International Breeding Show:
This is postponed.

e) International representation (working group) of the Fjord Horse as a therapy and /or leisure companion. Gap between breeders and users.
(Susanne Petersen, Phillip Odden)

Other discussion about the use of the veterinary check card (Handbook). Nils is taking up this question and will contact the board about it.

Nils will send a letter to the substitutes asap and invite them to follow up the tasks.

New meeting on Monday 31st July 2017 (skype) together with the substitutes.



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