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(Skype) - Monday 3rd April 2017

Participants: Nils Ivar Dolvik – Inger Davidsson – Jochen Nösinger – Maureen van Bon
                        Michelle Delaurier
1. Welcome by Nils Ivar

2. European Championship Rules

A work group will be followed up by Maureen and following persons are suggested to join the group :
Denmark : Charlotte Brix (member of the sport board and rider) and Karina Blåbjerg (rider and driver)
Norway : Lisbeth Strandum (member of the sport board)
Germany : Petra Ohly (responsible for sport events) and Stephanie Knebel (kids events).

Nils will send a letter to start up the improvement of the EC rules.
The board will be informed of the progress.

3. UELN numbers
Following info will be collected :
- Since how many years the UELN number is used in each country
- How is the UELN number made by each studbook for the horses with a short studbook nr

Susan Petersen is discussing with the FN concerning the situation in Germany.
We talk again in a later meeting.

4. FjHI Jubilee

- Speeches from Arne, Judith and Eike. A computer and projector will be available to show presentations (put on a stick).
- Nils stays in contact with Asle Espe for the organization of the bus, the lunch…
- Nils will send a personal invitation to former presidents, board members

5. Substitutes

Olav van Leeuwen sent an email to Nils with his thoughts that FjHI should work to let the different countries work closer together and he’s thinking about inbreeding, performance tests and DNA testing.
The board agrees this is a good topic and because the contact with the substitutes is important and to delegate some work, a letter will be sent to all of the substitutes asking them to work on subjects. Collect information on different points to be settled will be useful.
The substitutes are invited to join the next FjHI board meeting to start up this work.

6. Others

- General Assembly 2017 : all documents are published in due time.
Looking into the bank accounts, the membership fee of 2016 has to be verified for some of the countries. Berit Bergset is working on it and she will inform Nils.
Invoices for the membership fee 2017 have to be prepared also by Berit. A new supporter member from Germany will join the FjHI.

- Breeding statistics : Jochen is collecting the info for update the lists with 2016 data. Data for some countries are still missing.

- Next board meeting together with the substitutes :
Tuesday 2nd of May at 7 PM in Norsk Fjordhestsenter, Nordfjordeid

End of the meeting and Nils is thanking for the efforts of everybody.


Click here for a PDF version that can be print

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