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On this page you will find articles about breeding, use and regulations in the different countries where the beautiful Fjord Horse lives.

Participants: Nils Ivar Dolvik – Inger Davidsson – Jochen Nösinger – Maureen van Bon
                       Michelle Delaurier
1. Welcome
By Nils Ivar, the agenda for this meeting is accepted

2. Jubilee celebration 3rd of May 2017: program and invitation

• The board agrees on the program. Nils Ivar got confirmation in Norway to leave in Nordfjordeid at 12:30 by bus to Stryn. The General Assembly will follow the celebration at 17:00 in the same place in Stryn and afterwards the bus will bring everybody back to Nordfjordeid. Persons who doesn’t want to attend the G.A. have to drive by themselves to go back.

• Invitation will be sent by Nils Ivar, in the same time of the Notice G.A. Michelle will forward the addresses of the member countries. Personal invitations: list of persons will be transmitted by Michelle.

• The board agrees to invite speakers who will talk about the beginning and earlier work in the FjHI : Arne Presthus, Eike Schön-Petersen. An email will be sent by Nils Ivar with invitation and to create common contact regarding the presentations and the time schedule.

• Nils Ivar will contact sponsors in Norway

3. Notice General Assembly

A project is ready but has to be finished when the information in view of the re-elections will be received. Nils Ivar Dolvik is candidate for re-election as president for one year. Maureen van Bon and Inger Davidsson have to decide if they are on re-election as board member for two years. Nils Ivar will contact the substitutes in view of re-election for one or two years. This concerns Olav van Leeuwen, Jacky Ernwein and Sabine Münch.

Nils Ivar will ask for the accounts and write the annual report.

International Breeding Show : very complex to organize. Possibilities for an event in 2018 to be discussed with Susan Petersen and Asle Espe.

Maureen van Bon leaves the meeting.

4. Rules European Championships

A sport committee should be established to go through the rules and they should inform the FjHI board how many time they need to improve the document. It’s recommended to have persons in this group coming from several countries and especially from the countries that organize the E.C.: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and also Netherlands, Belgium. Nils Ivar is collecting the contact information of interested persons.

5. Others

a) Stallion show in Berlin, Germany :
Jochen explains it was a good one-day show with lots of spectators. Through Facebook and the FjHI homepage, pictures and results are viewed all over the world. Norway was represented by Susan Hellum, international judge, Erhard Martin and Asle Espe. Five persons attend from Denmark. 28 stallions were showed, 9 received a FN premium (highest award in Germany).
Catalog: remark on the German studbook numbers, relative to the foreign fjord horses. Solutions have to be found and the FN will be contacted.

b) Fjord Horse International was invited to publish 2 pages in the US magazine “Fjord Herald”. This was followed up by Michelle.

c) The FjHI board consider to have a meeting in May 2017 on occasion of the Norwegian stallion show, Tuesday evening or during the day on Thursday.
We also consider a meeting in Germany during 2017.

d) Next Skype board meeting on Monday 3rd of April 2017 at 8.30 PM.


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