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Wednesday, 1st May, Nordfjordeid, Fjordhorse-Center

FjHI President Nils I. Dolvik opened the assembly at 17:15 o`clock and welcomed
the participants.

1. Legal invitation of the GA and presentation of the Notice
The invitation was sent out in time, also published on the FjHIHomepage

2. The participants of the GA and their voting rights
Participants of the meeting:

Maureen van Bon - representing The Netherlands
Inger Davidson - representing Sweden
Jochen Nösinger- representing Germany
Nils I. Dolvik - representing Great Britain
Leif Grimbühler - representing Denmark
Jan Verbeeck - representing Belgium
Jacques Ernwein - representing France
Eric B.Watness - representing USA
Magni H. Flyum - representing Norway
Oda Münch-Bronk- representing Switzerland

3. Approval of the Agenda
approved. No comments and additions

4. Election of the chairman and a secretary of the GA
Nils I Dolvik: Chairman

Secretary : Oda Münch-Bronk

5. Election of two members to sign the minutes
J. Ernwein and E.Watnes are elected

6. Annual report of the President
Nils explained his short report, which was sent before the meeting to the member countries.
He comments

• Several skype-meetings of the board of FHI have taken place
• FjHI has been presented in several meetings/shows
• He reported also about the discussions about FjHI questionnaires UELN, DNA and Performancetests

7. Report Annual Accounts 2018 and GA approval
Accounts and the financial situation presented by Nils Dolvik (in place of Asle Espe) as published on the homepage.

8. Statement of the Auditor
N.I.Dolvik presented the signed report of the auditor Knut Rasmus Hjelle.

9. Relieve of the FjHI board of the 2018 supervision and accounts
The GA relieves the FjHI Board.

10. Fees 2020 (Statutes § 4)
The annual fee of 1.000 NOK for Breeding Associations and 300 NOK
for personal members remain unchanged.

Nils. I. Dolvik was elected to be the election supervisor.
On his and the GA`s proposals the GA elected :

• President: Jenny Wright Johnsen for 1 year, elected without objections
Before the official start of the GA a short Skype-presentation of Jenny Wright Johnsen took place, as Jenny would arrive in Nordfjordeid only the next day. From this reason the bord will meet another time on May 2nd 2019.
• Leif Grimbühler, Denmark , elected for 2 years without objections
• Maureen van Bon, reelected 2 years without objections

• Substitutes
Sabine Münch von Ah, elected for 2 years, without objections
Olaf van Leeuwen, elected for 2 years, without objections
Jaques Ernwein, elected for 2 years, without objections
Eric Watnes, elected for 2 years, without objections
• Auditor: Knut Rasmus Hjelle; 1 year, without objections.

All elected agreed their mandate.

12. Information

• Jochen Noesinger informed the GA about breed of Fjordhorses 2018
• Short orientation about a meeting in Brussels 7th to 8th of June 2019, the topic of it will be a central database for all Fjordhorses and the harmonisation of the UELN. The initiant is Norway and the costs will be payed by Norway
• Free discussion

13. Next GA 2020
The next GA will take place on April 29th, 2020

14. Final and closing
Nils I. Dolvik closed the assembly at 18.20

Nils Ivar Dolvik, Old President, NOR Jenny Wright Johnsen, New President, NOR

Click here to view the SIGNED MINUTES


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