The Board of Directors of the Fjord Horse International Association calls all members to the General Assembly (GA) of the Association Wednesday, May 2th 2018, at 17:00 o´clock at Nordfjord Hotel, Nordfjordeid, Norway. The FjHI-officer will be present at 16:45 o`clock for registration. It will also be possible to pay the 2018 fee at that time.

1. Legal invitation of the GA and presentation of the Notice
2. The participants of the GA and their voting rights
3. Approval of the Agenda
4. Election of the chairman and a secretary of the GA
5. Election of two members to sign the minutes
6. Annual report of the President
7. Report Annual Accounts 2017 and GA approval
8. The GA relieves the FjHI board of the 2017 supervision and accounts
9. Budget 2018 and GA approval
10. Fees 2018 (Statutes § 4)
11. Elections

a. President: Nils Dolvik , 1 year
b. Two Board Members: Jochen Nösinger, re-election, 2 years – Michelle Delaurier, not on re-election, new candidate Jan Verbeeck, 2 years
c. The Substitute (each 1 or 2 years): Susanne Petersen,
d. Auditor: Knut Rasmus Hjelle; 1 year

12. FjHI EC Rules : discussion and confirmation for the FjHI
13. Summeries of the FjHI questionnaires UELN; DNA and Performance test
14. Free discussion and new ideas
15. Others and Suggestions
16. Next GA 2019
17. Final and closing
Nils Ivar Dolvik, president


- Annual report 2017

- Accounts and balance 2017


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