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 The 30 days performance test took place between 17th August and 15th September (final day) in Erbach (Odenwald / 90 km South –East Frankfurt /Main)
The IGF takes part in performance tests for stallions since 1992. Since that date, it is an obligation to pass a test. The test was developed with the German FN and the different breed organizations.
The official title of the test is „CVII 30 Tage Stationsprüfung für Hengste - Zuchtrichtung Reiten/Fahren/Gelände
In the meantime, it is one of the accepted stallion tests in Germany. Other horse breeds may have (partly) different tests.
In Germany there are different official / licensed examination centers. They organize the testing periods and stallions of different horse breeds can or must take part in it before they reach a defined age. For fjord stallions it is before 5 year old.
The test is the final milestone to come into the German “Hengstbuch”.

At the final test days, the stallions have to path through three parts :
• a called “Fremdreitertest” – with two experienced riders who do not know the horses before.
• two other judges see the stallions in the test for the first time. Their results will be added to the results of the leader of the Centre / or performance test and,
• at the final day : driving test - loose jumping - walk, trot, canter -  1.500 m on terrain with 6 jumps

CLICK HERE for the results of the four Fjord horse stallions (all born in 2013) in the 2018 testing. Scores are between “rather good” (7) and top score (10).
(Mark scale between 1 and 10. This will in practice mean that the figures used will vary from 3 to 10, with 3 and 10 seldom used)

The results are also published in detail on the homepage of FN

IGF - Jochen Noesinger


Friso1     Friso2


Gloed1      Gloed2



 Rudsmo Rune1     Rudsmo Rune2



 Valerio1     Valerio2


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