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 Greetings readers from Brian and Ursula Jensen of Lumby B.C. In short.

 Unhappy with our Corporate and Public sector jobs we left Sherwood Park Alberta and built our log home in Trinity Valley near Lumby B.C.--1981

 Looking for a back to the land experience for ourselves and our two children, Aaren, and Vanessa, and needing to find a reason to be a viable farm we went to the Armstrong Interior Exhibition to look at farming options. Looking at Clydesdales and their dinner plate feet we soon found a pair of Norwegian Fjords, pullers from Orville Unrau of Sundre Alberta. George and Harvey, geldings out-pulled by weight ratio over the big drafts yet seemed to fall asleep tied to the rail after their pull.

 Ursula originally from Essen, Germany had always loved horses but in Germany they were only for people with means. With that initial IPE meeting I travelled out to Unrau's and bought Bibi and Perle, two young fjord fillies. These two Fjords went along with our ignorance and tolerated our mistakes until we gathered enough information and knowledge. They were very forgiving of our amateur ways but it all came together by the Libby Montana Fjord Show. We were one of the founding member families of the Pacific Northwest Fjord Promotional Group.

 With two fillies growing up I need a Colt/stallion to complete the family. Sambar arrived from Larry Boe of Creston, who had got him from Anne Notnes of Hinton Alberta. Anne Notnes is the aunt of Anne Appleby of Olympia Washington. Sambar, in driving took me to heights I never expected, and I am forever thankful for his patience in letting me learn to drive. He patiently waited for me to become a better driver.

 One year at the Libby Montana Fjord Show, Ursula purchased Penfryd's Raynor. A stallion with a motor which he passed on to his foals. One of his mare  foals nick-named Zoobie is now competing in Advanced Driving at FEI world level and has been to Europe for the USA. Ursula and Raynor's personalities were a match made in heaven as they both grew together in driving CDE's and Open Pleasure Shows competing at Spruce Meadows and all over the Pacific Northwest.

 This is getting to lengthy, but suffice to say the Fjords have brought us both to Evaluating/Judging Cards in Canada, USA, and for FHI Europe. I have guest Judged in USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, and Norway and am forever thankful for this opportunity to learn and grow as a Fjord owner.

The Fjords have truly changed our lives in a good way and we are forever grateful.

Ursula and Brian Jensen

Trinity Fjords
Lumby BC Canada


Ursula Jensen driving her Penfryd's Raynor       Brian Jensen driving Postillian Hitch with
at Pritchard CDE with best Driven Dressage      Susan Sabatini, Julie Pilon,and Wanda Gammel
score in Western Canada at that time.                as grooms at Moses Lake, Wash.


Quadrom driven by Brian Jensen                         Brian Jensen winning overall four-up 
at Libby Montana with Beth Beymer videoing.        
at Spruce Meadows, Calgary Alberta.



The Trials of Torrin… And success at Coyote Ridge!
By Michael Sabatini

Torrin was born April 14, 2006 at “Trinity Fjords” in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Torrin was neither the first, nor the last fjord which I purchased from “Trinity Fjords”. In all, I have six Trinity offspring, including Torrin’s full sister Alexi, as well as two of Torrin’s half-brothers, Trinity’s Strauss and Trinity’s Bach. I have heard fjord owners say that “you can’t have just one fjord” – much like potato chips or M&M’s; however, this was not the motivation for filling my barn with Trinity offspring. My long-term goal was to drive and compete with a four-in-hand and most team drivers have at least one spare horse. I felt that horses that shared similar breeding , or even better horses that were related, would be easier to work as a team, as they would have similar movement. Torrin, however, is proof that horses are living creatures with minds of their own…

... CLICK HERE ... to read all of this interesting and successful article. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your experience with us !

 coyote ridge ride 04 29 17 3725 compressed        coyote ridge ride 04 29 17 3733 compressed

coyote ridge ride 04 29 17 2753 compressed       webTorrin 1

... Nordfjordeid 2016 ... with a nice article written by Pat Wolfe

Please click on the picture below to read the complete article and enjoy it !
Also this year the annual shows in Norway will bring lots of people together, welcome all of you.

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