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On this page you will find articles about breeding, use and regulations in the different countries where the beautiful Fjord Horse lives.

On 23rd - 24th April the Fjord horses in power on the fair "HANSEPFERD"

Wonderful promotion!

More pictures in our galery (search for "2016Hansepferd"

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News after a nice week-end 23rd – 24th April 2016
More and more Fjord horses on the top on regional competitions in Sweden!

Congratulations to Ella Råhlén with Haldol Kry 257 (by Hugo 179 and Desolett Kry 3271)
for a nice third placement in the regional pony dressage competition at the Boxholms riding club, with 66,667% in (LA), kategori C.

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Congratulations also to Stolplyckans Lucidor, born in 2007 (by Furubäcks Io and Magda Unik) under the saddle of Moa Belin.
Best of 4 starters in regional Working equitation "Lätt B", 66,50%, speed 1,28 min.

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And warm congratulations for a wonderful result and performance of Madelene Jansson with Nytorps Jazz (born in 2008, by Minos 224 and Nytorps Juliette 3036 by Tuffen 149)
Indeed, Madelene's saddle (and some other things) were stolen the night before the competition so... well done to find a saddle to borrow and ride that good! Madelene was able to handle the stress and put this nice result on a regional dressage competition in Falköping.
Placement in the class 5a in LC: 1st with 64,25%.

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Nils Ivar Dolvik, president of the FjHI, invites you
to the General Assembly of the Fjord Horse International Association:

Wednesday, May the 4th 2016
at 6 p.m. Nordfjord Hotel, Nordfjordeid, Norway

The FjHI-officer will be present at 5.45 p.m. for registration. It will also be possible to pay the 2016 fee at that time.

1. Legal invitation of the GA and presentation of the Notice
2. The participants of the GA and their voting rights
3. Approval of the Agenda
4. Election of the chairman and a secretary of the GA
5. Election of two members to sign the minutes
6. Annual report of the President
7. Report Annual Accounts 2015 and GA approval
8. The GA relieves the FjHI board of the 2015 supervision and accounts
9. Budget 2016 and GA approval
10. Fees 2016 (Statutes § 4)
11. Proposal changes in the statutes
12. Elections
a. President (Nils Dolvik , 1 year)
b. Two Board Members (New to follow up Jolien Cnapelinckx, 2 years, Jochen Nösinger, 2 years)
c. The Substitutes (2 years)
d. Auditor (1 year)
13. Next GA 2017 (in 2017 FjHI becomes 20 years old)
14. Others and Suggestions :
- Organisation international breeding show
- Free discussion and new ideas
15. Final and closing

Nils Ivar Dolvik, president


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