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Saturday May 7th

Janne Seilen, leader of Norges Fjordhestlag, is presenting the event in a very nice video with images of the Friday tests, and this on occasion of the 150th edition of the Stallion Show organized in Nordfjord.

Later today we will follow the results of the candidates 2016... exciting!!

RESULT LIST (Norsk Hestesenter)

LIST with picture & points & premiums (Norges Fjordhestlag)

VIDEO of the Saturday Activities !!

Best stallion


Friday May 6th Øyane place - Trotting test

CLICK HERE to find nice pictures and results

CLICK HERE to view pictures of the candidate-stallions (photographers Ina Steiro Herstad and Ingvild Rydjord Hansen)

Oyane driving test1     results trotting test


Thursday May 5th Norsk Fjordhestsenter - Very nice video with Fjord impressions of this stallion day :


Find also two VIDEOS of the stallions' free movements on the facebook page of Norsk Fjordhestsenter !!

The new season of breeding shows for young horses started this 30th of April in Ørsta

Find the results on the homepage of Norges Fjordhestlag : click here


Orsta Dagens hest     Orsta Hoppe 3 y

Best horse of the Show : KAISAS DINA                                             3 y old mare : RAUSTAD FRØYA
2 y old mare by Fløystad Odin and Sollikaisa                                    by Fjelltor and Raustad Samuela


On the young horse show in Førde, May 1st, the North American evaluators were pleased with the opportunity to assist and give scores
on this breeding show in Norway!
For the results, CLICK HERE

Warm congratulations to all of the breeders!

 Førde 12     Førde 18

Best horse of the show : BIRKELID ODA, 3 y old mare                                 1 y old filly, LARSTUN TÅRDIS
by Fløgstad Odin and Birkely Monja                                                                    by Kamillas Tord and Larstun Fiona, 1st in quality


Young horses in BREIM, May 3rd, with our warm congratulations!

CLICK HERE for the complete results.

Breim 01     Breim 19

Best horse of the show : HEGGNES BALDER, 2 y old stallion                      1st in quality, one year old filly LØKKE LINNEA
by Fløgstad Odin and Heggnes Tuna                                                                    by Kamillas Tord and Løkke Lea

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