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On occasion of the 55th Anniversary of the Swedish Fjord Horse Association, the annual important stallion evalutation and also the biggest breeding show of the year for fjordhorses was organized on 10th - 11th September in Vetlanda.

On Saturday : the stallion evaluation and performance test for stallions and also a test for 3 year old horses to find good talents in jumping and dressage.
Link to info and pictures HERE
Click here to find the results of the stallion evaluation

On Sunday   : “Riksutställning”, a big national show.
Best of Show was Gandhi.

DAGENS hest 2016

Link to more pictures HERE

Pictures by Helena Kättström.

Congratulations to the Swedish Fjord Association and to all participants of the week-end !


Germany : FN Championships for leisure horses and ponies

Discover the marvellous professional photo reportage from Steffi Schröder : click here

Warm congratulations to the Champion in the pony class, the six year old Fjord stallion Illmo (f. Inrico - Sogenblakken), under the saddle of Anke Kolvenbach !!
(photos below by Tina Pantel)

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Interesting information about these championships in Germany by Susanne Petersen :

„Bundeschampionat für Freizeitpferde", a very good opportunity for Fjord horses in Germany to show their abilities as true all-rounders.

In Germany we have an old, very well established and accepted system of comparing sport horses on our yearly "Bundeschampionate",
championships where every state sends young promising sport horses and riding ponies to measure their abilities in dressage, 3-day eventing, jumping and driving.
A couple of years ago a new kind of championship was installed especially for leisure horses:

Ponies and horses at the age of 4 to seven years compete here. Every horse/pony has to pass the following tests, all on the same day:

1. "ride ability test", a small dressage pattern.
2. ride ability test ridden by a professional test rider
3. a small cross country course including three obstacles, one of which involves water
4. a ride outside in a group of about four riders, where behavior in the group is challenged and judged
5. a trail course involving standing still when rider is mounting /dismounting and also involving obstacles likely to frighten a nervous horse.

The ranking of the participants is done by a system of collecting points for each discipline.

During the last years Fjord Horses have participated very successfully in these championships, their success by far exceeding the proportion in numbers of starters and also numbers of Fjord Horses existing in Germany.

The Championship 2016 was a pure triumph for the Fjord Horses:

Of 17 starters in the group eight were Fjord Horses. Of these eight the weakest landed on rank 11! And the first place was taken by a Fjord, same as last year and the year before!!

One reason for the popularity of this championship is the new rule that passing it with a total of 65 points, which is similar to a score of 6,5 , is now accepted by the breeding associations as a performance test for Fjord mares and –since 2016- also Fjord stallions.

As this combination truly tests the all-round abilities so typical for our breed, the IGF has been fighting for the installment of these rules during a couple of years and the results the Fjord Horses achieve in comparison with other breeds show that this is the right way !

Susanne Petersen

Speaker of the breeding committee in the
Interessengemeinschaft Fjordpferd IGF     -     CLICK HERE TO PRINT THIS ARTICLE

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some impressions after the evaluation of 20th - 21st August 2016

I would like to thank my Bozeman Evaluation Secretary team, Teressa Kandianis and Beth Steele! We spent most of our time in the crow's nest adding scores, pulling ribbons and medallions and hurrying so that we didn't hold up any tests. Beth also had more responsibilities running errands and delivering lunches for the evaluators. We had a lot of fun and laughs.

Also, I would like to thank another couple of volunteers. Beth German took most of the live Facebook videos and since it was our first try at the live video posts, she had to figure it out. We will definitely be doing more!

Also, Asher Woodson who was our runner from the evaluator table to the scoring crow's nest. He made sure we kept on time and also helped make sure everything was correct. If we didn't have Asher we would have been fried in about two hours!

This coming from the Secretary's viewpoint, there were many, many more volunteers.

Nancy Newport

A very nice professional photo collection was made by Jacklynn Matthews. We all can view them on this LINK

Bozeman evaluation

The evaluators and their scribes hard at work at the Bozeman evaluation.Thanks to all of them.

On above picture : Brian Jensen and Melissa Boyd and scribes Anne Appleby and Jenny Barnes

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