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Last Monday, 4th July, the National Championships for Fjord Horses started in Førde, on occasion of the 30th Anniversary

The Fjord Horse International team is sending warm congratulations for this Jubilee and we wish very nice competition days and a lot of success to all participants!
You can follow the event through following links :

Norges Fjordhestlag

Horse Pro : for all start lists and results


The pictures are by Inger Grønntun :

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Excellent initiative in Sweden !

Are you younger than 26 ? Do you like to present your Fjord horse on a summer show?
Just let it know to the Swedish Studbook and maybe you will be awarded !

The "Young Handler Award" will also be distributed in Vetlanda during the Julibee 55th Anniversary on 10 – 11 September.
Read more about the activities on the homepage of the Swedish Association.

Success to all of you!!



Profile and photos of the winner, Shuna Mardon from Scotland
Shuna bought her fjord mare Hjemdal Astrid as an un-backed 3 year old, mainly for pleasure and use as a fun hack, but as all Shuna's horses are schooled to keep them supple & obedient, Astrid's initial training included formal schooling. After a couple of years training and pleasure riding, Shuna realised that Astrid had quite good paces, so she started doing a few preliminary tests for fun.' Fun' resulted in the pair regularly winning / being well placed among very good quality horses.
They fairly quickly moved up to Elementary Dressage level and again, success was theirs. Shuna decided to register Hjemdal Astrid with British Dressage and on to affiliated classes.
In 2014, at the North East Dressage Championships, Hjemdal Astrid won the unaffiliated Medium Championship, and came 2nd in the Affiliated Open Elementary Championships out of 30 entries, most of them Warm Bloods. The pair's successes are too many to list and they have even made the Scottish press.

This is a great success story & all credit to Shuna for the work and training she put in to achieve such results against all those mainly warm blooded horses.
As a variety Shuna competes in other disciplines including the "Trec", with in her words ' quite a bit of success' which 'translated' means quite a lot of success. As a means of relaxation, the pair do local hacking and pleasure rides.

Sadly, Astrid has become unsound & may not compete again, but on the bright side, Shuna has two youngsters just starting, the 6 year old, Gaia, and the 5 year old, Halo Desire, who will hopefully follow Astrid's success in a few years. Shuna is a great ambassador for the breed & has shown the UK what a properly trained 'Viking Invader' can do!


 Jennifer Murray Trophy 01     Jennifer Murray Trophy 04

Jennifer Murray Trophy 02

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