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The Trials of Torrin… And success at Coyote Ridge!
By Michael Sabatini

Torrin was born April 14, 2006 at “Trinity Fjords” in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Torrin was neither the first, nor the last fjord which I purchased from “Trinity Fjords”. In all, I have six Trinity offspring, including Torrin’s full sister Alexi, as well as two of Torrin’s half-brothers, Trinity’s Strauss and Trinity’s Bach. I have heard fjord owners say that “you can’t have just one fjord” – much like potato chips or M&M’s; however, this was not the motivation for filling my barn with Trinity offspring. My long-term goal was to drive and compete with a four-in-hand and most team drivers have at least one spare horse. I felt that horses that shared similar breeding , or even better horses that were related, would be easier to work as a team, as they would have similar movement. Torrin, however, is proof that horses are living creatures with minds of their own…

... CLICK HERE ... to read all of this interesting and successful article. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your experience with us !

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coyote ridge ride 04 29 17 2753 compressed       webTorrin 1

... Nordfjordeid 2016 ... with a nice article written by Pat Wolfe

Please click on the picture below to read the complete article and enjoy it !
Also this year the annual shows in Norway will bring lots of people together, welcome all of you.

stallionshow1 copie

FEI ** Single Poney

Overall winner Berndl Leslie and Zoobie. Congratulations!!!

Comments of Zoobie's proud owner :
"The competition was very close with Leslie Berndl and Zoobie narrowly beating Tracey Morgan and her German gelding Fuego88, the combination that won the US National Championship in 2014. Zoobie won single pony Dressage, won overall FEI marathon, and was double clear in Cones.
Next up for Zoobie and Leslie are Selection Trials held in Florida in early 2017 for members of the US Pony Team to go to World Pony Driving Championships in Minden, Germany in August, 2017.
The Kentucky Classic was Zoobie’s 11th CDE competition and her 11th win – 7 at Preliminary, 2 at Intermediate and 2 at FEI2*."

 Link to the results : HERE
 Link to the United States Equestrian Federation news release: HERE

Leslie DRESSAGE Kentucky 2016 DRESSAGE

Leslie MARATHON Kentucky 2016 MARATHON

Leslie CONES Kentucky 2016 CONES

 Leslie award AWARD CEREMONY



Sweetwater’s Zorah Belle (Zoobie) being driven by Leslie Berndl at Shady Oaks Combined Driving Event in Lodi, California at the Advanced Single Pony Division. This was Zoobie’s first go at Advanced and she won the overall Advanced Division!
Leslie Berndl, a US National Champion at Single Horse, has been driving Zoobie since 2015. They have competed in 10 Combined Driving Events in Oregon, California and Florida – winning all 10. Leslie and Zoobie were North American Preliminary Single Pony Champions for 2015 and won the Florida Triple Crown in Preliminary Pony Division for 2016.
They will compete for the US National Single Pony Championship at the Kentucky Horse Park October 6 – 9.
Zoobie’s grandsire is Konggard HK200 bred in Holland by Bob Van Bon. She is owned and was bred by Teressa Kandianis of Ferndale, Washington, USA.

Note : thank you so much Teressa for this article and the links below showing on video the marvellous performances at Shady Oaks.
Warm congratulations to Zoobie, her breeder and her driver. Success for the US National Championship at Kentucky!!







Some impressions after the evaluation of 20th - 21st August 2016

I would like to thank my Bozeman Evaluation Secretary team, Teressa Kandianis and Beth Steele! We spent most of our time in the crow's nest adding scores, pulling ribbons and medallions and hurrying so that we didn't hold up any tests. Beth also had more responsibilities running errands and delivering lunches for the evaluators. We had a lot of fun and laughs.

Also, I would like to thank another couple of volunteers. Beth German took most of the live Facebook videos and since it was our first try at the live video posts, she had to figure it out. We will definitely be doing more!

Also, Asher Woodson who was our runner from the evaluator table to the scoring crow's nest. He made sure we kept on time and also helped make sure everything was correct. If we didn't have Asher we would have been fried in about two hours!

This coming from the Secretary's viewpoint, there were many, many more volunteers.

Nancy Newport

A very nice professional photo collection was made by Jacklynn Matthews. We all can view them on this LINK

Bozeman evaluation

The evaluators and their scribes hard at work at the Bozeman evaluation.Thanks to all of them.

On above picture : Brian Jensen and Melissa Boyd and scribes Anne Appleby and Jenny Barnes

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