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The Beartooth Absarokee Ride Summer 2016
Phillip Odden, Else Bigton and Alyssa Matthews riding Marcy, Frode and Ildar

By Phil Odden 8/31/2016
Montana is my favorite State. To get to the Montana border from our farm in northwest Wisconsin takes about 12 hours of driving, pulling a horse trailer with three Fjord horses. Then another 6 hours to get to the fun parts of Montana, where the majestic mountains rise up from the river-laced valley floors. The Chevy diesel pickup truck has enough power and room to pull the trailer and haul the gear necessary for our annual horse adventure in the great American West. My dear wife Else and I had tested most of the equipment and two of the three horses on prior trips. As they say out West, it wasn’t our first rodeo, but then we were not lifetime rodeo veterans either.


PLEASE CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW AND READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE and discover also the pictures all along this wonderful, exiting and a bit dangerous adventure in a splendid nature with splendid fjord horses !! Thank you, Phil, for this article. Michelle for the FjHI.

Beartooth16 ride01 copie


The Trials of Torrin… And success at Coyote Ridge!
By Michael Sabatini

Torrin was born April 14, 2006 at “Trinity Fjords” in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Torrin was neither the first, nor the last fjord which I purchased from “Trinity Fjords”. In all, I have six Trinity offspring, including Torrin’s full sister Alexi, as well as two of Torrin’s half-brothers, Trinity’s Strauss and Trinity’s Bach. I have heard fjord owners say that “you can’t have just one fjord” – much like potato chips or M&M’s; however, this was not the motivation for filling my barn with Trinity offspring. My long-term goal was to drive and compete with a four-in-hand and most team drivers have at least one spare horse. I felt that horses that shared similar breeding , or even better horses that were related, would be easier to work as a team, as they would have similar movement. Torrin, however, is proof that horses are living creatures with minds of their own…

... CLICK HERE ... to read all of this interesting and successful article. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your experience with us !

 coyote ridge ride 04 29 17 3725 compressed        coyote ridge ride 04 29 17 3733 compressed

coyote ridge ride 04 29 17 2753 compressed       webTorrin 1

... Nordfjordeid 2016 ... with a nice article written by Pat Wolfe

Please click on the picture below to read the complete article and enjoy it !
Also this year the annual shows in Norway will bring lots of people together, welcome all of you.

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