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The Beartooth Absarokee Ride Summer 2016
Phillip Odden, Else Bigton and Alyssa Matthews riding Marcy, Frode and Ildar

By Phil Odden 8/31/2016
Montana is my favorite State. To get to the Montana border from our farm in northwest Wisconsin takes about 12 hours of driving, pulling a horse trailer with three Fjord horses. Then another 6 hours to get to the fun parts of Montana, where the majestic mountains rise up from the river-laced valley floors. The Chevy diesel pickup truck has enough power and room to pull the trailer and haul the gear necessary for our annual horse adventure in the great American West. My dear wife Else and I had tested most of the equipment and two of the three horses on prior trips. As they say out West, it wasn’t our first rodeo, but then we were not lifetime rodeo veterans either.


PLEASE CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW AND READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE and discover also the pictures all along this wonderful, exiting and a bit dangerous adventure in a splendid nature with splendid fjord horses !! Thank you, Phil, for this article. Michelle for the FjHI.

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In the West part of Belgium, a competition was organized to tow a tree with the fjord horse and the special feature was driving with one single line.

The collar harness is an important tool and should be of a perfect size and adapted for the horse.

The single line starts from both sides of the bit, over the neck pass into one rope. This method is a combination of the voice and the hands and it needs a lot of hours training to accomplish precision work. The technique started in the 16th century and was essential for the farmers: one hand on the plough, one hand to lead the horse.

The Flemish farmers are using terms like this:
AIE or JU (forward)
ARR or GERRE (to the left) and there is a constant contact with the horse line
YEUH or JUTSUME (to the right) and there is an interrupt contact with the horse line
HO or OUW (to stop)

The horse is also going backwards and should be able to do a little step (forwards, left or right).

The competition exercises are varied and based on ability. Succeeding is only possible with calm, serene and respectful contact with the horse.

This article was written by Paul Hallaert, free translation by Michelle.

Photo album in our GALERY. (select search "draft")

Hessen, Erbach - 26th May 2017

A nice group of 22 young mares of 3 year old were presented on a show in view to obtain a good breeding premium.
In Germany, young mares can be presented to a judge team in order to be registered as new breeding mares. The show is bringing fjord horse breeders and friends together on a nice place, in a nice ambience and the mares got an interesting evaluation. Note that the foals out of fjord horse mares that were not presented on this show, are also eligible to be registered in the breeding association.

The pictures of Jochen Nösinger are giving an impression of the day and of the good quality of the mares. Congrats to the participants!

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Click here for the CATALOG.

More pictures HERE (photo gallery : search for "ERBACH") Photos by Jochen Nösinger.

Link to the results HERE


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